Our First Visit to the New Don Robinson State Park

Date of Hike: 03-05-17
Trail Name: Sandstone Canyon Trail
Location: Cedar Hill, MO
Miles: 4.5
Elevation Gain: 607
Hiking Time: 1:51
Weather: 60F, overcast, windy
Trail Conditions: The newly constructed trail is comprised mostly of packed dirt with a few rocky and sandy areas. It was dry today, but could be sloppy in wet conditions.

Trip Description:
The family and I have been wanting to check out this new state park since it opened a few months ago. We finally made it over there today.

The park is still very much under construction, but there is a trail to hike, several picnic areas, and Don Robinson’s home and gravesite to visit.

We hiked the Sandstone Canyon Trail. This 4 mile trail through cedar and hardwood forest has a surprising amount of features, including sandstone rock formations, a natural rock bridge, several water features, and a magnificent canyon. The terrain is mostly smooth, with some rocky and sandy areas, but with a lot of elevation changes. It is a great little trail that I will certainly be back to hike and run on several more times, especially since it is so close to home. Once the construction is complete, this will be a fantastic asset to the area.

Video Link:

Trail Map:

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3 thoughts on “Our First Visit to the New Don Robinson State Park”

  1. Nancy and I did that hike in the mud. Pretty sloppy but still enjoyed the trail. FYI, we were the to build a stone marker on this trail!


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