Day-Hiking the Berryman Trail

Date of Hike: 12/10/2016
Trail Name: Berryman Trail
Location: Potosi, MO
Miles: 25
Elevation Gain: 2834 ft
Hiking Time: 9.5 hrs (with breaks)
Weather: 15*F – 32*F, overcast, light breeze
Trail Conditions: Mostly smooth and fast with a few rocky areas. This trail is used for mountain biking and the Mark Twain 50 & 100 races, so it is well maintained. Half of the loop is on the Ozark Trail so it is well marked.

Trip Description: Joe, Craig and I joined forces to tackle the Berryman loop. We set out to hike the 24.4 mile (we recorded 25.1) trail in one day. Being mid-December, we would have to start right at sunrise or we would likely be finishing the hike in the dark. We set off at 7am and kept a quick pace the entire day, only stopping for an occasional photo of the multitude of frost flowers and about 20 minutes for lunch. It was a chilly 15*F when we began and only reached about 32*F for the high. With overcast skies and light breeze, it was certainly a cold day on the trail. The 25 miles in one day was a personal record for Joe and me. We reached the end of the trail right as the light faded to dark. Another 15 minutes and we would have had to break out the headlamps. Celebratory beer from Piney River Brewing Co. capped off a difficult but rewarding day on the trail.


Trail Map:

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